Mr. Ritter,
I wanted to thank you so much for your professionalism and how welcoming you and your staff were from the moment we arrived at San Juan on day one! We were truly impressed! Bailey had the time of his life and it’s an opportunity he will remember forever! We hope to get another opportunity to come back to Puerto Rico next year to watch him continue to progress in his baseball abilities!

This was the most well run, most organized and well prepared event we have encountered and we wanted to thank you for exceeding our expectations by far! It was terrific to have the information for the parents regarding college recruiting and for any parent that didn't attend they don't realize what they missed!

We had the most wonderful experience. We just wanted to thank you for allowing Bailey to attend and for giving our son the opportunity. It is something he will remember forever!

George & Stephanie Ward
Clermont, Florida
(Puerto Rico – March/April, 2008)
Summer Showcase Age Change
We have decided to change the age requirement for the 2011 Florida Summer Showcase to 15-18.
We have done this because we get so few 18 year olds who participate in this event. Most 18s have already graduated and/or already made a decision about college.
While this trip is now listed as ages 15-18, the roster will likely be comprised largely of players ages 15-17.
If you are age 15 by June 14, 2011 we'd love to have you consider joining us!
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