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Instructions:  Print this page to complete magazine orders for your  customers.  Click the link below to order on-line and pay with a credit card.


  • Print your complete list of magazine titles and issue quantities.  
  • Your customer will pay you $20 for each magazine you sell.
  • Have them make checks payable to "Coast to Coast" and mail this  completed form to us.  Make sure you have their correct information.
  • We will deduct $10 (the cost of the magazine you pay) for each magazine your customer orders.
  • You will earn $10 for each magazine you sell (we put into your tuition account).
  • For your customer to renew a subscription, staple the current magazine label to this form.  The publisher will extend their expiration date accordingly.
  • Your customer's cancelled check is their receipt -- allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from the time we receive this form.
  • Print as many copies of this order form as you need.
  • Click here if you would like to order magazines on-line & pay with a credit card.

Magazine Order Form

Your Name:__________________________________________________

(where the magazines will be sent to)

First Name__________________Last Name_________________________

Street___________________________________________Apt. #_______


Home Phone (____)_______________Work Phone (____)______________ 

Magazine selection(s):                       New    Renewal   # of Issues         Price

1._______________________         c        c          ________            $20

2._______________________         c        c          ________            $20

3._______________________         c        c          ________            $20

Payment Method:
           c  Check         c  Credit Card

Coast to Coast Athletics * P.O. Box 389 * Marietta * OH * 45750 * 740-373-4455 ph * 740-373-7465 fax