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I've received an invitation in the mail to attend one of your tryouts. How did you get my name?
More than likely, your name was recommended to us by one of the college coaches or pro scouts who help us recruit players. We may have seen you play at a summer camp, high school game, talent showcase or tournament. No matter how we found out about you, every tryout participant receives an equal opportunity to be accepted to the program. From there, it's up to you to demonstrate the skills needed to be successful in our program.
What kind of players do you recruit?
The great majority of players who travel with Coast to Coast Baseball share a common dream of playing beyond high school at the collegiate or professional level. This program is geared toward serious athletes who have a desire to represent their country against top international competition. We look for players who continually strive to improve and challenge themselves, both on and off the field.
How can I qualify for the program?
Most players qualify at one of our open tryouts held around the country. At these tryouts, interested players are put through a skills evaluation: hitting, fielding, arm strength and speed. Sometimes we accept players who are not able to attend a tryout through the recommendation of a local college coach. This process involves a written program application that is completed by both the player and the coach making the recommendation.
For more on tryouts in your area, go to Tryout Schedule for dates and sites.
Should I pre-register for the tryout?
Yes. Often tryout spots are limited. You can pre-register online or by calling our office at (740) 236-8390. Go to Tryout Registration for more information.
How much does it cost to attend the tryout (and hitting camp)?
The tryout cost is $40.00 (payable in cash the day of the event). Along with each tryout we offer a 90-minute hitting camp. The cost to attend both events is $80.00. Those players who register for both events are welcome to BRING A BUDDY FOR FREE!
How can I get driving directions to the tryout?
For directions to the facility, click on the Tryout Details icon following the event of your choice on the Tryout Schedule page.
What should I bring with me to the tryout?
Make sure to bring your glove, bat, spikes and catcher's gear (if applicable). Most players wear baseball pants or shorts depending on the weather. If you are attending an indoor event be sure to bring tennis shoes or turf shoes rather than spikes.
Can my parents come watch the tryout?
Yes. It will also give them an opportunity to meet some of our coaches, and learn more about the program.
What if I play more than one position?
Since this is a very competitive atmosphere, we ask players to choose the one position where they think they can best showcase their skills. Assuming you qualify for the program at your primary position, you will have a chance to play in another position(s) in Florida.
If I do not make the team, can I tryout again?
Yes. You are allowed to attend as many as three tryout events in a calendar year.
I don't live near any of the tryout areas. Can I still qualify?
Absolutely. If you are unable to attend due to a previous commitment or live too far away from our tryout locations, you can still be considered for travel by completing a program application. This includes two recommendations from your local coaches. You can find the program application on the Tryout Schedule page or email us for an application.
When will I know if I've made the team?
You will be notified by mail within 14 days after the tryout. If you qualify, you will receive additional information about the program options including dates, tuition and registration forms.
How many players do you accept at each tryout?
The number of players we select at any given event is determined by the talent level of the attendees. We seek to select those that we feel possess the skills and mental make-up to play beyond high school. While we would like to provide an opportunity for all players who express an interest in our program, the reality is that the majority of players who attend a tryout do not qualify for the program.
Do you provide references?
We are happy to provide you the name of past players, parents, coaches or pro scouts who have traveled with us. We encourage you to speak with some of our alumni before you sign-up so you feel completely confident in our organization.
How do I sign-up for the program?
Your completed paperwork and $350.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your roster spot. This deposit will be deducted from the total program tuition. The paperwork includes: Player Registration Form, Medical Authorization Form, and Code of Conduct.
Can I defer my enrollment to a future year?
Acceptance to the program is good for two years. If you choose to wait a year before registering for a program simply call us for a new Acceptance Package when you are ready to register.
Can I find out who else made the team from my tryout?
In an effort to protect the privacy of our players, all tryout evaluations are kept confidential.
What makes this program unique?
Designed to give players a taste of what it is like to play at the collegiate and professional level, Coast To Coast Baseball programs are packed with first-rate instruction, spirited competition and unparalleled learning experiences both on and off the field. Our programs are held at one of the premier baseball facilities in the country - the Roger Dean Complex is the spring-training home of both the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins.
How does the team get around during the program?
Because our hotel is located directly across the street from the facility we can walk back and forth from the field.
If I am flying to Florida what time should I arrive and depart Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)?
We offer a pick-up service at the Palm Beach International Airport from 8am-4pm on arrival day. If you can arrive by 2pm you can participate in a light afternoon workout that day. Players arriving after 4pm will be responsible for their own transportation from the airport to the hotel. On departure day, our first shuttle back to the Palm Beach Airport is at 7am. Since you want to be at the airport about two hours before your flight, then you should not book a flight that leaves before 9am.
With flight prices what they are today, you might also consider flying into one of the more major Florida airports if you have family traveling with you. Flight prices are usually better into Orlando (MCO) or Fort Lauderdale (FLL). While we do not offer a pick-up service at their airports, you can still use them if your family intends to rent a car.
Can I arrive before the first day of the tour or stay after the tour ends?
Yes, however, you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the hotel. You will also be responsible to pay for the cost of the hotel room for any extra nights.
Where will a staff member pick me up at the airport when I arrive?
We will pick you up at the baggage claim area. We will also drive you back to the airport the last day of the tour. It is important you send us your airline itinerary so we know when you are arriving. In the final mailing before your trip, we will provide the name and cell phone number for your tour leader. In the event you do not see our staff in baggage claim, you can call the tour leader and make arrangements for pick-up.
What's your philosophy?
Coast to Coast Baseball was founded to give young players the opportunity to learn from top coaches while competing with and against other college-bound players from around the world. Our ongoing desire is to provide our players with quality instruction and competition in an atmosphere that fosters learning and the development of character.
Does the team practice before the tour?
Since your teammates will come from all over the country, we do not practice prior to the trip. We strongly encourage you to follow a workout regimen so you arrive in top physical shape and are ready to play to your full potential. For training suggestions, we recommend you visit www.MajorLeagueStrength.com.
How do you choose the teams?
We create rosters in order to ensure players spend the bulk of their time at their primary and secondary positions. If you have a friend which whom you would like to play, please indicate this on your registration form and we will see that you are on the same roster.
How many players are on a team?
Roster size varies a bit from trip to trip. Maximum roster size would be 14 players but most rosters are just 11-12 players.
How much playing time will I receive?
Because rosters are small and because every player on the team will hit regardless of whether they are playing a defensive position, you get a great deal of playing time.
How's the competition?
Outstanding! Because you are playing against other players who have demonstrated their potential at a Coast to Coast tryout you can rest assured that you will be competing against other college-bound players.
Meals & Lodging
Where do we stay?
Our group is housed at the Courtyard Marriott - Palm Beach Jupiter. This facility opened in June 2014 and is located right across the street from the Roger Dean Complex.
How many other players will stay in my room?
Players are housed three per room. Each room will have a rollaway bed or fold-out couch that players will take turns sleeping on. Our guarantee to you is that each player will have his own bed.
Can I request a roommate?
If you know another player attending the same tour, let us know and we will be happy to assign you to the same room. Keep in mind, however, that one of the most rewarding aspects of the tour is the opportunity to meet new players from different areas of the country.
Can I room with my parent (my son)?
Unless there is a medical reason for this sort of accommodation we discourage players staying with parents. We strongly believe that part of the growth experience that comes with travel is the bond developed between roommates. Therefore, players room with other players, not parents.
Parents Traveling
Can my parents come along?
Your parents, grandparents, siblings and any other family members and friends are welcome to join you overseas and enjoy a wonderful baseball vacation. Family members interested in coming as part of the group can call our office for more information on the Booster Package. The package entitles non-players to stay at the same hotel, eat the same meals, and attend all the seminar events scheduled for the players.
Can parents attend the games?
Of course! Parents are welcome to attend all the games and practices. If you are making your own arrangements to accompany the group, you will also be responsible for your own transportation to and from the field.
Supervision & Safety
What steps do you take to ensure my son's safety?
Our ratio of one adult staff member for every 5 players ensures a highly-supervised and structured environment. Secondly, we have very little down time in our schedule. Players are on the field from 8:30am - 5:45pm each day. In the evening, participants have a classroom seminar and we have a room check each evening. This room check, conducted by a member of the C2C staff, indicates to players that it is time to get some rest for another busy day tomorrow. Lastly, every one of our participants signs a Code of Conduct. If there were to be a violation of that Code, the player(s) would immediately be dismissed from the program and would return home at his own expense. Ours is a serious program for serious players. We have little time or patience for nonsense. The atmosphere we create lends itself well to ensuring the safety of our players.
Is there a certified athletic trainer on site?
Yes, we partner with an organization called Gold Coast Physical Therapy who provides us with licensed PTA personnel for our program.
Is my son covered by insurance?
Yes. Tuition includes a secondary medical insurance policy for all players. Special Note: Proof of primary medical insurance coverage is required for all players and boosters.
Is there a lot of free time?
There is very little free time. While families are welcome to attend games and workouts, this is NOT designed as a family vacation. We pack as much baseball into each day as possible. The only real downtime players have would be between 6:00pm - 7:30pm in the evening.
Will I receive a baseball scholarship if I participate in the camp?
That's entirely up to you. All we can promise is that you'll have the opportunity to play in front of numerous top instructors and scouts. College coaches independently decide which players they want to recruit by examining playing ability, attitude on and off the field, grades, educational interests, personality and work ethic.
How can Coast to Coast Baseball help me get into a good college?
In addition to giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills in front of recruiters, we'll show you how to correspond with coaches, produce a highlight video, write your own player profile, and select a school that meets your educational and athletic goals. While we cannot write letters of recommendation, we are happy to serve as a reference for all players who are seeking to play college baseball.
I know an instructor who would love to work at one of your camps. What can he do?
Have him send his resume and list of references to our office. We are always looking for quality coaches. Our minimum requirement for coaches is that they have either played or coached at the collegiate or professional level.
When will I know the exact staff roster for my particular camp?
Staff rosters are generally completed about 30 days prior to travel. Shortly before your trip, you will receive a biography of each of your coaches in the mail.
Are there educational seminars on the trip?
All our players benefit from the educational seminars hosted by the coaches and travel staff. Likely topics include; the college recruiting process, the negative effects of performance-enhancing drugs, and off-season conditioning and weight-training programs.
Fundraising/Program Payments
To whom should I make checks payable?
All checks should be made payable to "Coast to Coast Baseball."
How do I make sure my check gets posted to my player account?
It is very important that you write your name clearly on the memo line of each check you send. This way we will know to credit the check to your account.
Can I hold my own fundraising projects?
Sure. We are more than willing to help by providing guidance, so it may be a good idea to run your idea by us before you start. We have over 15 years of fundraising experience, and we can give you some useful advice.
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