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“The showcase event was a first-class affair, the finest instructors matched with the finest facilities, working with dedicated players and their families equaled success. Future stars were taught breakthrough techniques and time-proven methods that would allow them to step-up and compete with confidence.”
Bill Gentry: St. Louis Cardinals

“The showcase is a great opportunity for players to meet and work with experienced college and professional coaches. The staff provides one-on-one instruction for improvement of your game.”
Mark Madorin: Schaumberg Flyers Professional Baseball Club (IL)

“Coast to Coast offers one of the best baseball experiences I have seen yet. Each player left with better skills, a better understanding of the recruiting process, and with new friends from all over the United States that share the same passion for baseball.”
Dana Cavalea: Major League Strength – New York Yankees

“I had the privilege of working the Coast to Coast Baseball Showcase in Jupiter, Florida and I found this to be an extremely well run and beneficial event to the players that attended. Everything was first class, from the facility to the hotel to the transportation and instruction.”
Mike Neal: Head Baseball Coach – Blackburn College (IL)

“Coast to Coast is a first class program. Everything about the showcase was done to benefit the kids and get them exposure to and knowledge from college coaches and pro scouts. The kids come first in everything Coast to Coast does and this is why it is the best program out there.
Chris Young: Pitcher – Florida Marlins

“These two weeks have been some of the greatest in my life.”
Graham Harrison: Tulare, CA

“…it was a great experience that I will probably never get the chance to do again.”
Tyler Elko: Upper Darby, PA

“It was a great experience. It was also a lot of fun! I would definitely do it again…the coaches were great.”
Zach Alexander: Beaver, OH

[The trip was] “Very enjoyable and a very good experience. I met a lot of awesome guys. The seminars were very informative as well.”

“Amazing! I got to play with top players while getting coached by tremendous coaches. My game has improved and the sightseeing and new culture was really great!”

“I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. I had a great time on the trip and plan on going back again next year.”
Rob Arroyo: Wheaton , IL

“The coaching was great…they really knew a lot about baseball and they were fun people. They were some of the best coaches I have ever had.”
Mike Binkle: Poway, CA

“The coaching was great. You learn a lot of different ideas of baseball from different coaches.”
Kyle Blank: Charleston, WV

“This trip was a great experience and I learned a lot about baseball through the trip. I would recommend the Coast to Coast program to all my friends.”
Ty Clark: Simpsonville, SC

“…unbelievable competition, great coaches, so much fun.”
Tony DeMartino: St. Charles, IL

“It was an awesome experience. I would go back again.”
J.J. Gaw: Pasadena, TX

“…awesome coaching. Not only were they nice and fun, they knew their baseball.”
Joshua Gutierrez: Heppner, OR

“I thought the coaches were awesome.”
Billy Hamilton: Middletown, CA

“It was an awesome experience. It was very fun and I learned a tremendous amount from all the coaches.”
Dustin Hankins: Lincoln City, OR

“The coaching instruction was great. I learned many skills and pointers about the game.”
Zack Harwood: Groves, TX

“I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate with the Coast to Coast Baseball Stars during the Verano Super Series tournament in Puerto Rico this past June. I have played on all-star teams before, but I have never seen the kind of great coaching and excellent play that I experienced in San Juan . The competition was fantastic. My teammates were exceptional and fun to be around. We had a great time. See you next year.”
Marty Lopez: Albuquerque, NM

“A great experience…I had a wonderful time and would love to go again. You can tell that all the coaches have been in this game for years. They bring a lot of knowledge and experience to us players.” Edwin Loubriel: Miami, FL

“The trips was the best I could have hoped for. It was fun and a great experience. [From the coaches] I learned a lot about the game and off-season training.”
Andy Lugo: Lubbock, TX

“It was the most exciting trip of my life, so far…”
Chase Maloney: Bethel, AK

“…smart coaches, good time, learned a lot, had fun.”
Josh Pearce: Capon Bridge, WV

“I would go on another trip with Coast to Coast because it is really worth the money.”
Atlee Pearson: Lyman, SC

“…the best baseball experience of my life. The experience and the competition were incredible.”
Ryan Pernice: South Deerfield, MA

“…the seminars were very instructive.”
Andy Place: Salem, OH

“It was the best trip I have ever been on.”
Kyle Poloni: Kelseyville, CA

“This was my second trip with Coast to Coast and I had a great time again. It’s impossible not to improve when you are surrounded by fantastic coaches.”
Matt Salmons: Depoe Bay, OR

“ Puerto Rico is a very unique experience. I was exposed to a new culture that I won’t soon forget. The whole atmosphere is different here than at home. I’ll tell my friends how nice the hotel was and how busy we stayed all week. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
Ken Sims: Canal Fulton, OH

“It was one of the best experiences of my life.”
Dominick Talarico: Lancaster, CA

“It was a wonderful learning experience and it was a ton of fun. The coaching was the best anywhere!”
Brian Wardroup: Lubbock, TX

“This is my second trip and both have been so fun...some of the top coaches I have ever played for.”
Zach Wilhelmi: Cave Creek, AZ

“It’s a good experience for people who like to play ball at a high level.”
Thomas Wilkins: Prescott Valley, AZ

“…one of the best trips I have ever been on. The coaches were great and I made a lot of new friends.”
Willie Wilson: Tampa, FL

“We had a great experience, from the baseball games to the sightseeing and the food and other events. Lots of fun for Niko and us. Very glad we came with him. Niko’s coach was very sincere in his interest to give players good advice and help them get better. The fundraiser worked very well. Niko raised about 95% of the fees…”
Chris Bajorek: Penryn, CA

“The trip has been a dream come true. We like the organization and think that it is a great way for our sons to expand their minds in baseball and culture. [The MySportsDreams fundraiser] was far better than anything else we had ever tried!”
Shannon Bearden: Cherry Log, GA

“Great competition. Great settings. Instruction was excellent and very detailed.”
John and Ann DeMartino: St. Charles, IL

“Eddie thought this was an experience he will never forget. He had one of the best coaches he ever had. Thank you for giving our son Eddie an opportunity of a lifetime.”
Yvette Echevarria: Braintree, MA

“I would describe the trip as well-organized, but flexible…fun with excellent [sightseeing] trips between games.”
Bill Hamlin: Fort Morgan, CO

“We were able to gather multiple points of view on the key areas Zach needs to focus on. Wish Zach could work with these coaches on a much more regular basis.”
Clint Harwood: Groves, TX

“Excellent. This trip was by far the best baseball investment towards my son’s baseball career I have made. He expected and received top-notch competition. Meeting and playing with players from throughout the US made him more enthusiastic about next year’s return trip.”
Martin Lopez III: Albuquerque, NM

“A once in a lifetime experience…a trip that everyone should take sometime in their lifetime. The instruction the coaches gave my son was great.”
Ruben Nieto: Wichita Falls, TX

“It was a great experience for the players, not only from the baseball view, but from meeting other players from around the country and Puerto Rico . They learned a lot about baseball and other cultures. Good to have so many knowledgeable coaches. It gives the kids a very good overall perspective. I think having such a diverse staff helps them by seeing there may be more than one correct way to do something.”
Dave Place: Salem , OR

“Thank you so much for all you do for these kids. What a wonderful opportunity. I even enjoyed the tryout session. Thanks again.”
Pamm Jones: Ft. Wayne , IN

“…. one of the best times I have ever spent in my life.”
Russ Wardroup: Lubbock , TX

“The trip was a great mix of sightseeing and baseball. You get to experience another culture, their customs, food, etc. The coaches were constantly teaching at least one player something on every play. It was always constructive and in a positive manner. The kids have to take on the responsibility of international travel, as well. The whole opportunity is worth every penny.”
Sallie Wilhelmi: Cave Creek , AZ

“It was a great educational and baseball experience.”
Jermaine O’Bryant: Augusta, GA

“Getting to know other players and people from different countries was an excellent cultural experience.”
Austin Krohn: Buckman, MN

“The coaching was great! I would give it an A+.”
Jacob Thames: Mendenhall, MS

“I think that this is a great opportunity to learn more about baseball and it is a lot of fun.”
Jimmy Kuroki: Palm Desert, CA

“I enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to play baseball in a different environment. My teammates were all very talented and cool people and I also got to see several historic places which otherwise I would not have had to opportunity to see.”
David Webster: Harker Heights, TX

“Coach Pavlisko was awesome. He fit my son’s personality perfectly, not only as a coach but as a man of integrity. He was a 10 on and off the field.”
Gary Ballantine: (Booster) Morro Bay, CA

“As the primary focus was baseball, I would describe the trip as excellent. We were able to accomplish a lot through good organization. The growth opportunity was excellent, particularly the coaching excellence...”
Terry Powell: (Booster) Canton, MI

“This was an experience that could not be matched. Watching the kids compete against the teams from the other countries was amazing to see.”
Wendy Powell: (Booster) Canton, MI

“Trip of a lifetime!”
Nancy Williams: (Booster) Temecula, CA

“It was a lot of fun, we met lots of new people. We had good competition and really good coaching.”
John Kent: (Booster) Akron, OH

“…we wanted to thank you for one of the best trips we have ever taken! We were impressed with how well organized everything was in Australia. The food was fabulous and the sightseeing outstanding! The games were exciting, with no team too powerful. The boys were allowed enough freedom, but were well supervised! All in all, it was a terrific time! We may even be back next year for another trip!”
Caryn and Ed Young: (Boosters) Crest Hill, IL

“…it was a very good experience to go across the world to play ball.”
Grant Berkovitz: Sheboygan, WI

“I will respond with a very big happy smile. I will tell them that it was very fun and that all of the sightseeing was fun.”
Nick Bolin: Albany, OH

“….it was fun and I would recommend if they had a chance to go to Australia with this program, to go. Coaches were very exceptional. I learned a lot.”
Zach Hoffman: Ravenna, OH

“ The coaching I received was top notch and I believe that if I take the things I was taught I can be a very good ballplayer.”
Michael Kinnard: Hohenwald, TN

“The trip was a lot of fun and I also learned a lot about Australian culture.”
Mike Monfredi: Cortland, OH

“The trip to Australia was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.”
Brandon Burke: Marietta, OH

“I’d describe my trip to my friends as an incredible learning experience and an opportunity that rarely comes along.”
Joey Fratantonio: Chagrin Falls, OH

“Great opportunity to play ball with good ball players and a great sightseeing opportunity.”
Brandt Jahnke: Collinwood, IN

“I feel I improved all around as a player and even as a fan of the game. It was cool to see how other countries interpreted an American game.”
Jake Donelan: Ft. Thomas, KY

“…amazing. Words can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed myself. The coaches were the best I have ever had.”
T.J. Sagen: New Lenox, IL

“The coaching and instruction from our instructors were outstanding.”
Justin Ward: Chillicothe, OH

“The SASI (South Australia Sports Institute) [team], and the coaching was awesome!”
Jordan Hadfield: Baltimore, MD

“…a great experience for both baseball and vacation.”
(Parent Booster) Laura Hoffman: Ravenna, OH

“A perfect 50-50 baseball and vacation. Well worth the money. Once in a lifetime experience.”
(Parent Booster) Michael Hoffman: Ravenna, OH

“Best coaches my son has ever played for! Great personalities and fun to play for. Very good people! Can’t say enough about the coaches or even put it into words.”
(Parent Booster) Jeri Sagen, NM

“I cannot say enough about the high quality of coaching my son received here. The coaches, trainers and support staff surpassed all my expectations.”
(Parent Booster) Julie Terhune

“Because of your recommended training our son trained all winter and was able to keep up with the kids from areas where they have an 80 game season compared to our simple 15 game season. Your training information before, as well as during the tour were greatly absorbed and appreciated. Time went so fast while they were there it all seems like a dream except for the wonderful memories he has and all the things to work on for hopefully another trip with your organization. Thank you for the experience and the time you and your staff shared with our son. We would not hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone.”
Myleah Hubicki: Parent, Quakertown, PA

“It was the most wonderful experience!! I also wanted you to know that if you ever have any parents that want to contact us about the trip, you are more than welcome to give them our name and phone number.”
Barb Thiel: Parent, Hortonville, WI

“Again, I would like to thank everyone at Coast to Coast for giving my son this wonderful opportunity. We all had a wonderful time. I know Jon came home a more confident baseball player. He learned so much in the one week he had with your coaches. He also made some very nice friends. The trip was as much fun for the adults as it was for the boys.”
Sue Bermudez: Parent, Sunrise, FL

“I went on the Puerto Rico tour. I just want to thank you for the great experience I had down there. It was truly awesome.”
Keith McClellan: Player, New Ulm, MN

“I would also like to thank you and everyone involved for the experience that Willie received on this trip. The instruction he received for pitching was invaluable (his secondary position). Because of this instruction he will probably be the #1 or #2 starter on his high school team.”
Bill Willis: Parent, Grafton, OH

“Thank you for giving my son the chance to play with Coast to Coast. It will be a lifelong memory and experience. I really enjoyed the experience as well.”
Penny Mollohan: Parent, Akron, OH

“…the program is an excellent experience for both parents and players.”
Randy Boyd: (Booster) La Quinta, CA

“The Coaches did a superb job. Great guys with great attitudes. They all knew the game.”
Cathy Boyd: (Booster) La Quinta, CA

“…a once in a lifetime opportunity…”
Scott Miller: Trumansburg, NY

“I think that the coaches were a real inspiration to all of us players.”
Brandon Waltman: Crawfordville, FL

“…very fun and well worth it.”
Jeffery Lewis: Panacea, FL

“This was a once in a lifetime experience. The players, coaches and parents were great. The chance to play some of Australia’s finest ballplayers was a great feeling as well as a great opportunity.”
Dan Bennett: Lyons, MI

“…one of the best experiences of my life.”
David Woike: Whitmore Lake, MI

“It was an exciting new experience that I will remember forever. All the coaches and adults were great.”
Alex Rutter: Bowling Green, OH

“Everyone (all the coaches/trainer) knew exactly what they were talking about when it came to baseball.”
Mike Seufert: Lansing, IL

Just a note to let you know what a great experience our son's trip to Puerto Rico proved to be. He was on the Easter Friendship Series Tournament Tour. My husband and Mother-In-Law also went along. They all had a great trip. They all made new friends and learned a lot. We live in Pennsylvania and have a very short baseball season due to the weather and Little League rules. Because of your recommended training our son trained all winter and was able to keep up with the kids from areas where they have an 80 game season compared to our simple 15 game season. Your training information before, as well as during the tour were greatly absorbed and appreciated. Our son took on the full experience of learning a great deal from your staff as well as being an ambassador and a representative of the Coast To Coast Team. He enjoyed thoroughly all the people he met, interesting food he ate, beautiful surroundings and playing ball. He has signed baseballs and bats from each game. (This was his way of meeting the players and coaches from the other teams.) Time went so fast while they were there it all seems like a dream except for the wonderful memories he has and all the things to work on for hopefully another trip with your organization. Thank you for the experience and the time you and your staff shared with our son. We had great community support also with our son financing his whole trip through sponsors. He mailed fifty postcards, one to each of them while in Puerto Rico as a thank you for their generous donation whether it was verbal, written or monetary, letting each one know they were equally important. We still have people asking us about the trip and letting us know they got his postcard. We would not hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone.
Myleah Hubicki, (Mother of Ty Hubicki)

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