INSTRUCTIONS:   If you would like to attend one of our tryouts or hitting camps, simply complete this form and click the "Submit" button below.  Please indicate at the bottom of the registration form if you intend to attend the tryout only, camp only or both events. Cost for the tryout is $30.00. Cost for all hitting camps is $50.00. If you attend both events, the total cost is $70.00. In all cases, you pay nothing until the day of the event.
Also, keep in mind that if you attend both events you are entitled to BRING A BUDDY FOR FREE!
All payments must be made in cash the day of the event. 
We staff our tryouts based upon the number of registrants. Please complete the registration ONLY if you are serious about attending. Thank you!

First Name: Last Name:

Street Address:

City: State: Zip:


e.g. [email protected]

e.g.  12/12/1987

Primary Position:   2nd Position:

How did you find out about the program?

If other, how?

What tryout/hitting camp location would you like to pre-register for?

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