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Info for Parents

Welcome to Coast to Coast Baseball! Your son is about to embark on one of the great learning and playing experiences of his baseball career. Not only will he compete with and against other college hopefuls from across the nation, he will learn fundamentals as well as advanced techniques from some of the game's best instructors.

In keeping with our commitment to offer a family-friendly program we'd like to invite you to attend the Florida program and learn along with your son.
Parents are invited to attend all of our on-field activities AT NO COST. Whether it is an intersquad game or specialized instruction from one or more of our college coaches and pro scouts, parents are welcome to watch, listen, and learn along with the players.

Steve Smith
Midland, Michigan
"Thanks again for a very fun trip. The experience and confidence my son gained during the trip was critical for his development as a player. You guys really care about these kids and do a great job during the week you are working with them."
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